A study on the characteristics of the city of dakar senegal

Comments frequently focus on eating habits, cleanliness, and intelligence. Department of State, Senegal, Others sing and dance to celebrate the dead person and to send his or her spirit to heaven.

Independence [ edit ] On April 4, Senegal and the French Sudan merged to form the Mali Federationwhich became fully independent on 20 Juneas a result of a transfer of power agreement signed with France on 4 April Important activities and social occasions are shared on the pencha, where people gather to chat and discuss village matters.

Smaller groups include the Diola, Mandink, and Soninke. Yassa, a dish from Casamance is chicken or fish marinated in lemon juice, pepper, and onions and then baked.

In the rural hinterlands of the Cap Vert region, city dwellers own as much as 70 percent of the land. Inthe Lebou of Cape Verde revolted against Cayor rule. He was a poet and philosopher who personally drafted the Senegalese national anthem, "Pincez tous vos koras, frappez les balafons".

A new theocratic state, subsequently called the "Lebou Republic" by the French, was established under the leadership of the Diop, a Muslim clerical family originally from Koki in Cayor. The population is divided into twelve ethnic groups, each with its own customs and dialect.

Wolof is the national language. The Wolof seek help from a Jabaran-kat "healer"who asks them to sacrifice a chicken to ward off the evil powers of a doma "witch". Most major manufacturing is located in and around Dakar.

Cotton, rice, sugar, and market-garden produce are grown. The present state of Senegal has its roots in European colonialism, which began during the midth century, when various European powers began competing for trade in the area.

Senegal experienced its second peaceful transition of power, and its first from one political party to another. InSenegal and the French Sudan decided to merge and form the independent Mali Federation, but it was not a success.

A study on the characteristics of the city of dakar senegal

People value children greatly. A child should greet elders, help parents with household chores, avoid foul language, and listen to the wisdom of elders. The position of women in most ethnic groups is one of dependence: Industrial output is determined largely by agricultural performance.

Unlike most African leaders, he knew when and how to give up power. Dakar is cooled year-round by sea breezes. During his reign, the arts were well funded; he organized the Festival of Negro Arts in Dakar in Medicine and Health Care As a tropical country and a poor nation, Senegal is challenged by numerous health problems, including parasitic, intestinal, venereal, and respiratory diseases.

Marriage, Family, and Kinship Marriage. Dakar was the capital of the short-lived Mali Federation from toafter which it became the capital of Senegal.

The next year, he transferred power in to his hand-picked successor, Abdou Diouf. Although French is the official language, it is spoken only by an educated minority, and Wolof has become a lingua franca towns and markets, schools, and interethnic marriages. The country also has produced successful filmmakers.

A young man may want a young woman, but his father decides whether she is suitable. In the countryside, farmers have launched their own irrigated agricultural projects. With it being a multiethnic and secular nation, Senegal is predominantly Sunni Muslim with Sufi and animist influences.Solid Waste Management and Risks to Health in Urban Africa: A Study of Dakar City, Senegal A better understanding of urban processes, improved data collection, and support for cities and neighbourhoods are therefore prerequisites for addressing the tension between risks.

The program starts and finishes in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, spending most of the session in the eco-commune of Guede Chantier and the other project sites bordering Mauritania. In Guede, American and Senegalese student partners, form teams with community members working in various community projects.

Data from a survey of individuals, aged 20 years or above and considered representative of the population of the city of Dakar, were evaluated.

Socioeconomic characteristics, hypertension, capillary whole blood glucose, and weight and height measurements of these subjects were collected during face-to-face interviews.

Senegal (/ ˌ s ɛ n ɪ ˈ ɡ ɔː l, -ˈ ɡ ɑː l / (listen); Wolof: Senegaal; French: Sénégal), officially the Republic of Senegal (Wolof: Réewum Senegaal; French: République du Sénégal), is a country in West Africa.

Senegal is one of the region’s most developed, democratic, and friendly nations, making seaside Dakar a prime spot to explore Senegalese culture and language.

Learn French and Wolof – a sub-Saharan language – while you delve into African studies, international relations, and development studies. The aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence of diabetes in the urban population living in Dakar, Senegal, and to investigate the factors associated with diabetes.

Data from a survey of individuals, aged 20 years or above and considered representative of the population of the city of Dakar, were evaluated.

A study on the characteristics of the city of dakar senegal
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