A summary of the book congo by michel crichton

And then he heard the soft wheezing sound again, and this time he felt quite sure it was not a leopard. Time is of the greatest essence, as a rival consortium from corporations in Japan, Germany, and Holland are also searching for the diamonds, turning the entire expedition into a race to the city of Zinj.

In addition, they exhibit different behavior: He eventually managed to finish the book and it became a best seller. It almost makes you forget the dull mid-section. As they watched, the computer clock shifted to 5 days 22 hours 24 minutes. After analyzing this on computer, they clear the image to what looks like a gorilla.

She will not appear until the ending. That night the gorillas came and the same wheezing noises where heard used a tree trunk as a bridge over the moat and some of them made a distraction while others used a stick to lift open the fence and kill some of the African people.

Every at ERTS is in shock. Another expedition, led by Karen Ross, is launched to find out the truth and to find the Lost City of Zinj, where there are believed to be deposits of a certain diamond, type IIbwhich are naturally boron-doped and thus useful as semiconductors, though worthless as gemstones.

The is where my reading slowed down to a crawl. Congo begins with a team of men exploring Africa who are systematically being wiped out by an unknown enemy.

Because Crichton had sold all adaptation rights to the novel, he set the game—named Amazon —in South America, and Amy the gorilla became Paco the parrot. Nothing worth remembering either--therefore nothing worth mentioning.

Some of this event is caught on tape by the "control people" in Houston, Texas--led by Dr. Amy would explain to Elliot what each noise meant. Y] 08 Feb Amy has been experiencing bad dreams because of her past which is unknown to Dr.

It comes off overly contrived. The version received negative reviews from critics, and was nominated for several Golden Raspberry Awards including Worst Picture. It is a well written, nicely plotted book, with good characters, a great premise, action-packed, and mostly a lot of fun.

There initial hope was to use it as a micro-camera network that can not be disrupted. Supposedly, by this city of "Zinj", there are many rare blue diamonds. Ross, Elliot, Munro, Amy, and some African men; have to walk the rest of the way to the diamond site.

How Resnais made a success with science. The team gets more than it bargains for, however, as they encounter the same threat that befell a previous team. It was a good book. Oh, and Amy the Gorilla goes for the ride also. The damned monkeys were throwing berries.

Later the team studied the body of one of the dead animals. And then he heard the wheezing sound again. She tells him that their going to the Congo and he wants to come and bring Amy, his gorilla. The idea of a computer predicting to the minute when they would reach their Congo location seemed ludicrous to him.

A typical Crichton reader should know what to expect here: This was a major delay in the time the expedition had to beat the competition to the diamond site. He swung around and looked over to where Misulu was sitting on the rock.


The mystery level is high. A trip into the African jungle looking for diamonds. He had never worked that way before, usually writing the book then selling it. The city has diamond mines under it and they trained gorillas to be like watch dogs to guard the mines. Amy runs of with them because she thinks the group is mad at her.

Elliot to find out what this gorilla is. There is no doubt that Peter Elliot felt a personal threat in these developments, although not a threat to his safety.

In the two dinosaur stories, you expect to here his opinion on dinosaurs.Entertainer-educator Crichton, that clever devil, has done it again--by dressing up one of the oldest book/movie scenarios around with enough capsulized science, history, and geography to keep readers happily on their toes.

Congo by Michael Crichton - book cover, description, publication history. If you are going to be at the beach, then Congo is clearly the book for you.

Congo Quotes

Congo is a good old-fashioned jungle adventure yarn. The author, Michael Crichton, was clearly inspired by the adventure stories of H. Rider Haggard but with a slight dose of Conrad/5(5).

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Congo was written in by Michael Crichton. With a few, very minor details (such as gushing over how awesome it is to have a comuter with K memory) this is a tale that reads very well to this day/5.

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Michael Crichton’s Congo Summary & Analysis

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A summary of the book congo by michel crichton
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