An introduction to the strategy development of hytex incorporated

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An Introduction to the Strategy Development of HYTEX Incorporated Introduction In this fast accelerate business world, every firm should be pro-active in order to compete with their competitors. Thus, strategy marketing is the crucial process to assist the firm to fortify their position in.

Hytex Industries Inc. manufactures and supplies decorative textiles to commercial interiors and industrial segments. It provides acoustic recycled textiles and fabrics, and woven textiles. The Location: 58 York Avenue Randolph, MA United States. Hytex Industries is a leading supplier of decorative textiles to both the commercial interiors and industrial segments.

Our products are designed and colored to meet constantly changing market needs in the hospitality, corporate, retail, industrial and healthcare markets.

Project Management

HYTEX is Malaysia’s Best Filtration Company. Water Filtration products have been around for some time, but its presence remains largely unknown to the mainstream public, especially in our country. Thus, strategy marketing is the crucial process to assist the firm to fortify their position in this competitive environment.

The objective of this assignment is to develop and elaborate the strategy of the leading garment manufacturer company- HYTEX Incorporated Sdn. Bhd/5(1).

An introduction to the strategy development of hytex incorporated
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