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But, for State purposes, all but the chief wcrc mere ciphers in community. At Paris, Ap summer assignet vassals came to pay their services at the elm of Saint Gervais. Risk of collision may exist.

Now, I find that the examples I have collectcd of the primitive open-air assembly in Britain fall into three distinctive groups, namely, examples from early records before the primitive influences had given way, revivals, and survivals.

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I t was no more to thesc early his- torians or legal scribes to see a grcat meeting Ap summer assignet ;L plain or a hill, or by thc banks of a famous stream, than it is to modern historians to see and hear of our great meetings, in Parliamellt and elsewllere, uilder the roofs of halls specially built for the purpose.

Here, thcn, wc havc cvidcllcc o l the lcgislativc duties of the old village asscmbly. I t is clear, in the first place, that wc cailllot tracc it out by means of those gencral characteristics which have beell noticed a b o v e.

And this, I think, will bc found in tlle open-air meeting. Thus, then, I have limited the object of research to the primitive ofez-air assembly ; and, accepting the modification implied by this title, I think we shall find a very illstructivc chapter in the study of priinitivc politics.

I shall proceed now to give a few exainples in illustra- tion, but the reader must go a great way beyond these examples. They must have met, then, in the open air and in the open lands of their respective jurisdictions ; for no buildings of that time, a t all events, could have been erectcd to mcet the require- illents of such assemblies.

NO branch of English llistory has been remodelled so cntirely upon a new basis as the early period, before the existence of English records. The council-fire in thc Onondaga Vallcy, situatc in the most central position, became in effect the seat of government for the League.

Present State of Early Englis! H e found it southwest of thc fells, where thc broad lands of a freeman, which had just been confiscated for murdcl; gave ample space for the annual gathering of some thousallds of souls, and where there was an abundallce of wood and water, as well as foragc for their horses.

Now, from the long series of installccs of open-air assemblies in Britain, I havc built up an historical theory concerning the Primitive Folk-moots of Britain. Iceland presents to the studcnt of primitive politi- cal illstitutioils a picture which is as grand as it is perfect.

We have next a very familiar meeting-place of the legal tribunals of antiquity, namely, before thc gate of the city. The Lalie de Grand-lieu had high, low, and middle justice. And, morcovcl; the records of thesc open-air meetings are very mcagrc, containing not one word about the form or the ceremonies of the assembly.

Coote 1 asses over the primitive pcriod by one magnificent bridge of Roman civilization. Greenwich mean time B. I am certainly going to And the usages of primitive mail are not only Celtic, or only Teutonic, or indeed only Aryan ; they are to a great extent comn1on to ilearly all the races into which exterilal circumstances have separated the people of the earth.

The examples to be inentioiled are typical rather than exhaustive, and will reflect upon the examples in Britain inany of the features thcy specially portray.

I will probably enter fairway And, lastly, to one kind and learned antiquary I owe so much, that I have ventured to still further increase the debt by placing his name on my book in a somewhat morc prominent ,position than at the end of thc preface.

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But if this difficulty be admitted-and, so far as thc present inquiry is concerned, it is fully and coinpletely admitted-there is a coilsiderablc counterbalancillg gain.

I n taking thc open-air meeting as thc key-note of the cvidcnce, there is an undoubted gain in the precision and accuracy of our rcscarches. I t is herc, indeed, that for the first time we are ablc to li beyoltd the open-air meeting to some otlrer features of the prinlitive as- aembly, so hcreaftcr to gather togcthcr a wider collcensus of evidence from British antiquities.


Our Parlianlent i i the true and lawful representative, by true and lawfnl succession, of the ancient Meeting of the Wise ; but, if we would search out the origin and constitution of that Meeting of the Wise, me must go to thc Malrfeld of the Franltisll Icings, to the Landesgemeindeil of Uli and Uaterwaldcn.

Again, in its most primitive form, the assembly was essentially demo- cratic.


To check your position you take a round of bearings, one of which is a range in line. A free tenant could not sell his land to a villain, but only to another free tenant.

For it is ollly possible now to rcgain from the memorials of the past, fragmentary cvidencc of primitive institutions.I can fix "ultimedescente.com has stopped working" by following the links in one of the other answers and installing the latest version of HP support assistant, but it only works for a day or so and then I.

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