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Duty to Notify Ethics Officer a A member who has been convicted of a serious crime or who has had his or her state or other governmentally-issued professional license revoked, suspended, or restricted for any reason relating to improper conduct by the member shall promptly report the relevant development to the Ethics Officer.

Section B contains rules of conduct to which we are held accountable. The person making the complaint "the complainant" may request confidentiality.

AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Nevertheless, the Ethics Committee will take it into consideration if the Committee is subsequently called upon to consider a charge of misconduct against a Certified Planner who relied on the advice. That Committee shall determine, in its sole discretion, whether or not to grant a hearing.

The notice shall be accompanied by a statement of the basis for the appeal. We shall not fail to disclose the interests of our client or employer when participating in the planning process.

This conduct includes a conviction of a serious crime as defined in paragraph 3; b conviction of other crimes as set forth in paragraph 4; c a finding by the Ethics Committee or Ethics Officer that the member has engaged in unethical conduct; d loss, suspension, or restriction of state or other governmental professional business planning and policy officer stick e failure to make disclosure to AICP of any conviction of a serious crime or adverse professional licensure action; or f such other action as the Ethics Committee or the Ethics Officer, in the exercise of reasonable judgment, determines to be inconsistent with the professional responsibilities of a Certified Planner.

However, it cannot guarantee confidentiality and will disclose the identity of the complainant if disclosure is needed in order to reach an informed result or otherwise to advance the thoughtful consideration of the complaint.

Discipline of Members 1. Every Advisory Opinion will be in writing. Conviction of Other Crimes a Discipline may also be imposed if a Certified Planner has been convicted of a crime not included within the definition of "serious crime," including an action determined by the Ethics Committee or the Ethics Officer to be inconsistent with the professional responsibilities of a Certified Planner.

Effect of Dropping of Charges by Complainant or Resignation by Respondent a If charges are dropped by the complainant, the Ethics Committee may, at its sole discretion, either terminate the ethics proceeding or continue the process without the complainant.

Our Responsibility to Our Profession and Colleagues We shall contribute to the development of, and respect for, our profession by improving knowledge and techniques, making work relevant to solutions of community problems, and increasing public understanding of planning activities.

The Ethics Officer shall request from the respondent a detailed response to the complaint, and any supporting documentation. That report need not contain the full text of each formal Advisory Opinion and interpretation of the Code.

In either situation, the Ethics Officer shall explain the basis for the decision in a written opinion that cites and discusses the relevant provision s of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Adjudication of Complaints of Misconduct 1. If the complaint does not contain all such information, the Ethics Officer shall contact the complainant to try to obtain the information.

We shall not use the threat of filing an ethics charge in order to gain, or attempt to gain, an advantage in dealings with another planner. Section D contains the procedural provisions that detail how a complaint of misconduct can be filed, as well as how these complaints are investigated and adjudicated.

Any settlement must be approved by the Ethics Committee before becoming final.

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Conviction of a Serious Crime a The membership of a Certified Planner shall be revoked if the Planner has been convicted of a "serious crime".

We shall not direct or coerce other professionals to make analyses or reach findings not supported by available evidence. The Ethics Officer may extend this time, for good cause shown, for a period not to exceed fourteen 14 days. We shall not accept an assignment from a client or employer when the services to be performed involve conduct that we know to be illegal or in violation of these rules.

Section C contains the procedural provisions of the Code that describe how one may obtain either a formal or informal advisory ruling, as well as the requirements for an annual report.Action without vision is a nightmare.” ~ Japanese Proverb COURSE OVERVIEW Welcome to BA Business Policy & Strategy.

This course serves as the capstone experience for your business degree. objectives, and strategies for years 14 through 18 of the Business Strategy Game. The strategic plan assignment has three. RISK MANAGEMENT POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. RISK MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Table of Contents.

Page(s) delegated to the Chief Executive Officer and the _____ staff. SCOPE The Risk Management Program encompasses review of the areas of actual or potential accepting or avoiding the risk. Strategies may include staff education, policy. Policy: All significant incidents associated with Cincinnati Health Department (CHD) personnel, patients, or the public will be documented and reported to the worksite supervisor/manager and a copy forwarded to the.

Today's top Planning Officer jobs in United Kingdom. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. Business Planning Officer 10d. The University of Manchester. Principal Planning Officer (Policy) 10d. DUDLEY METROPOLITAN BOROUGH COUNCIL. Dudley. Different nomenclature used for the course title include, besides business policy; corporate planning, corporate strategy and planning, management policy and, lately, strategic planning or strategic management.

accounting officer. 5. THIS POLICY WILL BE IMPLEMENTED WITH EFFECT FROM 01 MAY Introduction (the so called hockey stick effect in acquisitions This Supply Chain Management Policy addresses some of the critical gaps in the old policies of the.

Business planning and policy officer stick
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