Career research project

For example, assign one interviewer that discriminates against men or women. If students are inventing a resume, have them research courses they will take in order to include some of these skills on the resume. Include career information as well as how the career matches personal characteristics such as personality, interests, values and learning style.

However, some do not know what they want to do.

This involves students in the planning process and makes counseling and advising more efficient. They can also use their college Career Center or Library. Be sure to ask your students for permission to use their papers. This project is one that students will see has a real-world application. Ask students to turn in a list of questions asked with brief answers and a copy of Career research project thank you note.

The assignment includes a feedback sheet with student and faculty comments. Students need to practice presenting their reports as homework.

When students have found the information for three careers, they need to prepare a report that they will share as a presentation. Teachers can have students write out their report in a final copy format and assess that as well.

Answers from the boss are interesting: It is located at the end of the chapter.

Help your students prepare for and think about their future with these lesson plans meant to motivate and inspire. Students are asked to describe their personality, interests and values and how these personal qualities affect their career choice.

The class provides feedback first on what is good about the interview and then suggestions for improvement.

Choose an interview panel of five students. Job Description Describe the day-to-day duties and tasks that are required of the job. This project could also be used in place of a final exam.

Use excellent papers from your current class to use as models for future classes. Students then take turns being interviewed. Then, they need to report on why this career is the best fit for them.

Then, they will present their information to the class. Students can summarize their workplace skills using Analyze Your Workplace Skills at the bottom of the worksheet and also located at the end of the chapter.

Career Research Paper

Describe the setting for the career, such as a hospital, ship, office building, outdoors, etc. Students should select three careers on which they would like to complete additional research.

However, there are many free career inventories online that student can complete. Have a receptionist who welcomes students to the interview and stress the importance of making a good first impression with the receptionist. Each group chooses a boss. Students can be challenged to make their own educational plan and then have their advisor or counselor check the plan.

Then have them pair off and ask each other the interview questions. They generally consider this as a compliment. Each boss reports to the class about whom they would hire and why.

Divide the class into groups of four students in each group. Once the career inventories are completed, students should have a list of possible careers that they might be interested in researching.

This interview can be used as a source of information for a career paper or can be used as an extra credit assignment.

The Resume Assign students to complete a resume and cover letter as part of their course requirements. However, teachers should follow their school Internet policies when completing this project. Encourage students to come to class dressed appropriately for the interview. It will help to get students thinking about what jobs they might like to do and how to prepare for them.Career Research Project By: DJ Nurse Practitioner Physician Assistant Sports Medicine Link Nurse Practitioner Career Outlook: According to the B.L.S there is supposed to be a 35 percent job growth rate through for nurse practitioners, and estimates some 44, job openings in the field will occur.

Help your students focus on career and college readiness with a future career research paper that will guide students as they research the many different aspects of their chosen future career.

This resource includes four different assignment sheets to accommodate all of the middle school and high school grades, multiple research organizers that will help guide students through the research 4/5(79). The Career Project is a free online database of thousands of career profiles.

Each “career profile” is the result of a one-on-one interview with a professional. We started this site to help students and young professionals to get the “inside scoop” as to what its really like to.

The major components of the project include a qualitative ethnographic interview (an experiential learning activity), a research paper, and an oral presentation. Additionally, inclusions of a CD with sample ethnographic career interviews along with sample career research papers provide helpful exemplary models for the student.5/5(1).

Due Date: Thursday, January 31, Outline & Poster: Using the information you have compiled, from the research done in the lab and library, you will create a poster.

Lesson adapted and modified from 21Things for Students Career Prep Activity – by: Mary Ann Korson Career Research Project Next year you will be in high school .

Career research project
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