Case study on morton salt

In the process of producing saltpeter, sodium carbonate was needed. This problem is further exacerbated when salt is exposed to air or in humid regions.

The first confirmed people to figure out how to cure most goiters were the Chinese during the Tang Dynasty Another scientist, Humphry Davy, also studied the substance and determined that it was indeed a new element.

This will gradually lower the iodine content in the salt over time. During that time, they treated people with goiters by grinding up the thyroids of sheep and pigs to form a powder which was then consumed in a pill or in powdered form.

Salt with iodine added makes for a poor choice for curing, as the iodine in large enough quantities will add a certain amount of bitterness to the cured food. Iodine was discovered by accident by the son of a saltpeter manufacturer, Bernard Courtois, in The waste from this process was then destroyed with sulfuric acid.

Iodine deficiency, besides being a leading cause of goiters in the world, is also currently the number one easily preventable cause of mental retardation in the world, due to the fact that, despite iodized salt being fairly prevalent, there are still about two billion people in the world today that are iodine deficient.

This was thanks partially to the Napoleonic Wars which resulted in saltpeter, for gunpowder, being in high demand the Napoleonic Wars also helped give us canned food and cheap and easily made pencilsread more at the links.

Calcium silicate is typically added to table salt as an anti-caking agent, to keep the salt flowing smoothly, rather than clumped together as it absorbs moisture.

The Pharmacopoeia of the Heavenly Husbandman also implies that as early as the 1st century BC the Chinese cured goiters with sargassum a type of seaweedwhich also contains significant quantities of iodine.

At one point, Courtois accidentally added too much sulfuric acid to the waste and he observed a purple vapor, which crystallized on cold surfaces. During the Cold War, it was a common practice for people to have iodine pills on hand in case of a nuclear strike.

Whether this dating is accurate or not, at least as far as recorded history goes, it appears that the Chinese were the first to come up with an effective cure for a goiter. In order to get the sodium carbonate, the saltpeter manufacturers would isolate it from seaweed by burning the seaweed and washing the ash with water.Serial Murder.

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Today I found out why iodine is added to salt. Iodine first began being added to salt commercially in the United States in by the Morton Salt Company at the request of the government. This was done as a response to the fact that there were certain regions in the U.S., such as around the Great.

Case study on morton salt
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