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While this may seem like a normal funny and petty error, it was a huge mistake to Pepsi as they were trying to establish a global brand. While one product may almost be a need in one country or region, it might be considered a waste of resources in another region due to the differences in technology.

Another cross cultural factor to be considered is the difference in business environment and technology. Tragedy did follow the company as it lost its dominance to Cultural misunderstanding essay products in the region. What a product dictates in terms of authority should also be a consideration when entering different markets.

Cross-cultural Misunderstanding

Things went haywire from that point leading to failure of a highly innovative product. This step can be the difference between the success of a business and its failure as has been seen in the examples.

Cross-cultural Factors Affecting Businesses in International Markets Language is one cultural aspect that has the power over the success of any business and should be cautiously considered before any business advancement. Even with its low prices, Wal-Mart would not succeed in Germany.

New York, Wiley Martin, J. Businesses must therefore package their products in a way that associates with the culture of a specific market group regarding authority.

A guide to international communication and customs. The social organization of a people is also a determinant in international and cross cultural business success.

The locals interpreted the label as pro-Israel and boycotted the product. A perfect example is the entry and eventual exit of Wal-Mart retail stores into and out of Germany respectively. The product was up and till then dominant in the region and had witnessed growth in its sales over the years.

Business development across countries and cultures. Different products may mean very different things in diverse cultures, a factor that must always be anticipated in business. The natives in Germany may view the product as abusive and offensive even when it is not and end up boycotting the same.

Journal of International Business Studies. Conclusion Culture affects the way business is done and the perceptions of various groups on a certain product. While Wal-Mart is a hit in its home country, the same success was not achieved in Germany purely because Germans prefer to buy from the small and medium-sized retailers.

Cross-cultural competence in international business: Businesses must therefore consider the implications of their products on the social organization of market they are targeting Johnson et al. Grosse, implies that Business in the international markets is strong when a venture can anticipate areas of commonality.

Business must therefore analyze the cultural implications of their products on a certain market before venturing in the particular market.

Areas that are likely to arouse cultural and communication conflicts should be singled out and managerial, sales and technical teams trained on the areas.Without the acknowledgement in cultural background, misunderstandings are inevitable.

This thesis will analyze the reasons why there are so many misunderstandings caused by cultural factors in cross-culture communication from three aspects to demonstrate the importance of knowing the cultural background in foreign languages studying.4/4(3).

This essay tries to present the main elements of cultural misunderstanding during cross cultural business and then find some effective ways to avoid or mitigate those. This essay tries to present the main elements of cultural misunderstanding during cross cultural business and then find some effective ways to avoid or mitigate those problems.

Different cultures make the world diversified. This essay will discuss the multicultural concepts on both gender identity and cultural identity and will talk about understanding the cultural differences.

Gender identity () defines gender identity as an inner sense of a person and whether or not they are male or female. Check out our top Free Essays on Cultural Misunderstanding to help you write your own Essay.

Essay on cultural misunderstandings  Cultural Misunderstandings Darcy Lingg PSYC – Culture, Ethnicity & Diversity Capella University March My example of a cultural misunderstanding is between a doctor and a Chinese patient.

Cultural misunderstanding essay
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