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The data revealed that the largest obstacle for SLO assessment was the amount of time it takes to do a comprehensive and high-quality assessment.

Hoover Abstract In an era of increasingly tight community college budgets, noncredit workforce training partnerships with local business and industry are becoming critical sources of revenue.

The problem under investigation in this study was the achievement gap that Latino male students may experience in community colleges and the socioeconomic impact of this lack of educational opportunity. Addressing three sub-questions, this study explored academic structures, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, and the extent of systems implementation.

The results of this study are critically important with the shifts in policy to increase quality and expand access of early childhood education programs to all children.

Dissertations community college leadership, opportunities for elementary teachers to develop their STEM PCK and Dissertations community college leadership in teacher preparation programs or professional development are limited. However, the growth in content knowledge and confidence was uneven among the four STEM content areas and there was a lack of integration.

This qualitative case study set out to explore the 1: This study concludes with recommendations for policy and practitioners in the educational field, including suggestions for a more comprehensive immigration policy to include citizenship access for undocumented students and their parents, improvements in labor law enforcement laws, and professional development for teaching educators about the mixed citizenship status family, promoting home to school relationships, and supplying these families with resources to navigate and widen the pipeline into higher education.

It is important to study such programs to understand them Dissertations community college leadership possible models and best practices for addressing spirituality in higher education. However, little research exists on the nature of community college noncredit workforce training partnerships or how those partnerships are built and maintained.

Symcox, Linda Abstract There is deep and growing concern that the United States is not preparing enough students, teachers, and professional mathematicians and scientists to sustain the economic and scientific development that has made this country great.

African American male students who participated in sports not only attend school more regularly, but also increased their grade point averages. The need to research and study these leaders included understanding how they work through and transform conflict.

This is a critical time to bring to the forefront discussions on the place arts education has in the community colleges. Three main themes emerged: Additionally, there was a statistically significant result between the predictor variables gender and pedagogy on the dependent variable student self-reported grade.

Symcox, Linda Abstract The educational literature tells us that African American males usually score the lowest on periodic assessments and standardized tests, represent the highest percentage in special education programs, are absent from honors classes, are subject to the most office referrals, suspensions and expulsions, have the largest drop-out rate from high school, and therefore constitute the lowest percentage to graduate from high school Noguera, Qualitative and quantitative measures were utilized during this mixed-methods study.

Eighteen science and mathematics majors participated in this study, all of whom attended at least one institution of higher education prior to their current attendance at Mountain View University, a four-year comprehensive Hispanic Serving Institution HSI in Southern California.

Symcox, Linda Abstract Education reform has increased accountability measures for principals to ensure all students are achieving. Recommendations for policy and practice include institutionalizing the hiring of diverse administrators and faculty to reach critical mass.

The findings indicate a need for social and emotional support within these public middle schools. School level impacts include an improved academic school climate and increased parent presence at school functions. Skill-building increased employment options as well as the opportunity to transfer to four-year programs.

Symcox, Linda Abstract A major problem high schools are confronted with is how to help all their students to become college ready. A Zero Sum Game? Literature pertaining to Lesson Study reveals the importance of sustained professional development that allows teachers to meet regularly over a period of time to work on the design, implementation, testing, and improvement of one or several lessons.

To this end, a large number of participants in this study expressed grave concerns about the future of their programs.

Latino ELL students are significantly academically challenged and struggle to meet high school graduation requirements; these students by default are not prepared for college. Patricia Clark-White Abstract The purpose of this thematic, qualitative phenomenological study was to discover and describe the lived experiences of exemplar community college presidents in the use of the six domains of conflict transformation behaviors and the impact these domains have on achieving common ground collaboration, communication, emotional intelligence, ethics, problem-solving, and process to achieve breakthrough results and transform conflict.

The study explores institutional controlled factors of the Linked Learning Pathways model that demonstrate positive influences over the African-American achievement gap.

The findings revealed that academic probation students struggled with procrastination, time management, and study skills, and they did not have sufficient knowledge about campus resources to access them.

Implications of the study and recommendations for policy and practice are offered within the discussion. Findings also show that institutional agents play an important role in helping educationally mobile students navigate institutional obstacles in the transition process.

The findings revealed ideal leadership practices in alignment with the practices of transformational leadership. By exposing the community cultural wealth that these women brought to their educational, professional, and leadership positions, it can be seen how they have successfully navigated their community college trusteeship, transforming the educational setting in the districts they serve.

A conceptual framework was developed utilizing components of the American School Counselors Association ASCA, themes and delivery systems, as well as the Transforming School Counseling Initiative EdTrust, skills, and Community Counseling Theory Lewis et al, to serve as a valuable lens to review the research.

The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine the transitional experiences of educationally mobile students moving into and through the STEM disciplines at a public university.

Lastly, many participants expressed that a return to the community college was needed in order to fulfill a desire for a better life; fulfilling an original unaccomplished goal educational and professional or a new goal that was decided upon while away from the community college.

Even with these proposals, some school leaders still struggle to determine how to improve student engagement, school climate, and staff and student relationships.Dissertations & Theses @ - Dissertations & Theses @ is a service for ProQuest’s active university publishing partners.

The service provides a university's academic community with free access to citations and abstracts for graduate works from that university. Rowan, Cynthia Seiss, "The Effectiveness of a Community College's Grow Your Own (GYO) Leadership Development Program" ().

Seton Hall University Dissertations and Theses (ETDs). By exposing the community cultural wealth that these women brought to their educational, professional, and leadership positions, it can be seen how they have successfully navigated their community college trusteeship, transforming the educational setting in the districts they serve.

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The University of Southern Mississippi The Aquila Digital Community Dissertations Spring Leadership Competencies for the Community College Department Chairperson.


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