Freshman year survival guide

A lot of problems first-year students face can be traced back to an illness that kept them away from classes for an extended period of time that led to a downward spiraling effect. The average credit card debt of college grads is staggering. Being an adult means taking responsibility for everything that happens to you.

The people you live with, most of whom are going through similar experiences and emotions, are your main safety net — not only this year, but for all your years. It expanded his network of friends — and was a crucial resource at times when he had to miss a class.

Whatever you do, be sure to be yourself and try to enjoy your college experience as much as possible.

The Ultimate Freshman Year Survival Guide

Give yourself deadlines — and stick to them. Take advantage of your network of new friends and professors, have fun while learning as much as you can, and get the most out of your college experience. I started getting my college kids together with my high school seniors to have frank conversations about what college life was really like and what the most common pitfalls would be.

Written in conjunction with Abby Miracle, a sophomore at Trinity University. It gives you an excuse to be exposed to the campus culture and a lot more people you may not have met. The first few weeks on campus are extremely critical for all new students.

Prioritize — academics have to come before anything else. Stay on campus as much as possible. Take advantage of the study resources on campus. For some the transition was a challenge that affirmed the skills they brought with them but for many others the transition from life at home and high school academics was an uphill battle-a battle which many would lose.

Get involved on campus. This book is terribly bland and repetitive. This article is all about the things you need to do to not only survive your first year of college, but to thrive in college.

Yes, books can patronize you! These conversations became an article on the website BustedHalo. In high school, the teachers tended to lead you through all of your homework and due dates. This article is not meant to scare you or take away any of the joy, excitement, and anticipation you feel about going to college.

Professors spend hours and hours preparing course syllabi and calendars so that you will know exactly what is expected of you — and when. College extra-curriculars are like a buffet; you are allowed to sample everything before you select your main entrees.

And why not take advantage of all the cultural and social events that happen on campus? You may just fall in love with something like the fencing club.

College is all about learning. Go beyond your university. Be prepared to feel overwhelmed. Just about all colleges have learning labs and tutors available.

Professors schedule office hours for the sole purpose of meeting with students — take advantage of that time. Go to all orientations. As one student says, be prepared to feel completely unprepared.

He is also founder of MyCollegeSuccessStory. Use our resume builder and cover letter builder to craft top-notch documents in no time at all, or work from our resume examples and cover letter examplesall of which are organized by job title and industry.

It may have been easy in high school to wait until the last minute to complete an assignment and still get a good grade, but that kind of stuff will not work for you in college. Or perhaps you were a member of the honor society.Your freshman year often sets the tone for the rest of your college career.

College is the time to explore new things and discover yourself. Lauren's Declassified University Of South Carolina Freshman Year Survival Guide. Familiarizing yourself with the Enrollment Guide published semester at Update your address, phone number and name in the Admissions & Records Office.

Familiarize yourself with the course catalog. (These are the rules and policies that govern your time at LSUS.) The Freshman Survival Guide by Nora Bradbury-Haehl and Bill McGarvey is an easy-to-read book which is, essentially, a very practical handbook for the beginning college freshman.

The book is divided into twenty-five chapters with each chapter beginning with a Survival Strategy that sets up the purpose of the chapter and ending with The /5.

The Freshman Survival Guide: Soulful Advice for Studying, Socializing, and Everything in Between

This is an awesome list that covers everything you need to know about freshman year! From roommates, to parties, to academics, and more – this ultimate freshman year survival guide has all the information you need to thrive in your first of year of college!

Freshman)Survival)Guide!’ 1.# BeGenerous#withyour#friendships#but#stingy#withyour#trust.## Maybe!you!went!to!Welcome!week,!shared. “A Tale of Two Freshman”: Your College Survival Guide. Solid college prep begins at home, and it doesn’t happen overnight — so make a long-term plan to help your child succeed when she heads to campus.

Freshman year survival guide
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