Ms simulation reflective report marketing essay

The stock of the company in 29 Week was 9 with no incoming order. Maritime Economics and logistics. Net revenue on week basis can also be calculated to know the present status of the business.

Journal of Business logistics. I learnt from the simulation game that producer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer are all connected through e logistics methods can efficiently achieve effectiveness in business. Container terminal gate appointment system optimization. This way I will bring an appreciation in sales and decrease burden on the distributor in the supply chain.

Issues observed during the simulation game: I observed that the companies do not make complete logistics of all their output but keep some part of the non-demanded output in inventory. I found out that in the supply chain results the distributor was the one with the maximum number of transactions related to e logistics than the producer himself.

I will do the same next time as I think this is the best way of doing business when the producer uses logistics techniques to track down order and deliver goods on time. European Business Review, 19 4pp. The weeks get consumed in the delivery of goods to the distributor, wholesaler and retailer.

However I would like to add assistance for wholesaler so that they can be introduced with the schemes and discounts and could there take the benefit by ordering in bulk to the distributor about the goods and services.

Also the incoming order was 8. I think this shows the efficiency of the producer to move goods out of the premises so that it gets delivered to the related parties before getting depreciated, affected through environment and even obsolete.

This way the regular production scale is not disturbed during the earlier discussed changes in placed orders. Coordination in hinterland transport chains: We will send you answer file on this email address Email: Hence the products we see in the market have started their journey weeks earlier to reach the present destination.

This was so because the distributor further distributes the goods through its various channels to the wholesalers at different places.We will write a custom essay sample on Reflective Writing on Marketing specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now Reflective Practice ; Reflective Essay Founded Online, Not Mine ; Example of a Reflective Writing.

Reflective Essay Sample: Marketing Design & Innovation: mobile phones Posted on February 20, by John Dudovskiy Attendance of the module and completion of the report has deepened the level of my knowledge in a number of areas.

Motor vehicle industry is growing industries in the world. Demand for vehicles is so high globally which makes the industry to be innovative. Report Writing Service; Reflective Practice Service; PowerPoint Presentation Service; Exam Revision Service; Our Can group get a chance to get the materials business simulation games, the first time we were a little confused and not understand what the content and intent or purpose of this program.

Marketing ïƒ According to my opinion. Marketing Reflective Work Essay Words | 5 Pages Reflective report of Marketing Reflective writing is an intricate process of inscription, what one learned from particular area and how it is useful in future.

Reflective Essay Sample for Marketing Design and Innovation Module Posted on April 6, by John Dudovskiy Completing the Marketing Design and Innovation module and report has been a great learning opportunity for me in many levels.

Ms simulation reflective report marketing essay
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