Organisational behaviour at gec marconi

To promote good practice, regular Newsletter features on success stories can be a big help to the individuals concerned and to others.

At service excellence award winner GEC Marconi Radar and Defence Systems, a customer database is freely available listing customer compliments, perceptions and complaints. Sales assistants are assessed on two critical competences, being pro-active in securing sales and building positive relations with customers.

The authors put forward 20 ways to motivate service employees and discuss what these mean. For practitioners some points are clear, however: They receive a token number of shares in the company, gold lapel pins and have photos in reception area.

When new outlets are bought, a retail division of a brewery trains staff in service skills and issues certificates of achievements to its bar and restaurant staff to demonstrate the importance of its initial service training.

To date over half the nominations have been for internal service. Staff felt their managers needed to show more understanding, recognise and reward hard work, promote team spirit, improve the working environment and provide clear, fairer working conditions. The emphasis was on all members of the retail outlet working together to achieve success.

Well-conducted surveys are a critical means to challenge assumptions. This was highly prized. The gurus have come up with useful theories and insights on motivation but also have demonstrated the complexity of this area of human energy and behaviour. Poor communication was identified as a particular de-motivator, between managers and staff and between operating divisions.

Facilitated meetings promote discussion on the feedback which has a defined leadership index, both for the individual manager and the company as a whole. At Autoglass poor customer perceptions led it to set up staff focus groups, which reported widespread dissatisfaction with the pay structure and insufficient rewards for top performers.

Twenty Ways to Recognise and Reward Service Excellence

They are payable quarterly in some instances, others six monthly or annually. A financial services call centre devised these practical criteria: What Do Management Theories Contribute?

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A workforce, which is wholeheartedly and enthusiastically supporting the goals of the organisation, has been a key aim of managers since industrial and commercial organisations began.

Organisational behaviour at gec marconi
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