Style for tall women

Other styles you could try would be peg and harem styles which finish just above the ankle, yet the softer shapes on the leg mean that they flatter your tall figure.

Try to steer away from very pointed stiletto heels which may make your legs look disproportionately long. Look for longer length blazers which are a key trend right now and layer over t-shirts and shirts with the sleeves rolled up for a more casual take on this classic piece.

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Cocktail length dresses for the evening will also look fantastic, but again go for styles that have some detail on them whether it be pattern, colours, embellishments or three dimensional details. They will show off your long pins perfectly and offer a leaner silhouette.

Tunic dresses with dropped waists and ruches which will add some womanly curves to your figure and break up the length of your body.

Details such as fringing, feathers and embellishment you will be able to carry off like a true catwalk queen. Opt for chunkier heels, strappy shoes and coloured steps which will break up the leg more balancing out your height. More than Style for tall women shops offer taller sizes in trousers now and many high street names such as Topshop and Dorothy Perkins cater for this market, however other shops like Zara naturally cut their trousers in longer lengths so this is a great place to start.

Trousers with soft pleats or pockets on the hips will also add shape to your legs. Luckily for you however you can wear many current fashionable trouser styles that some of your shorter counterparts would not be able to get away with such as looser cropped cuffs where the cuff falls just below the knee giving your legs more depth.

Accessories are great for giving the eye a point of interest and on a long body this will mean that the eye has lots to attract its attention to and detract from the height. Use belts over layered tops, cardigans and jackets to break up the body.

Maxi dresses in bold prints will look fantastic on you as a casual summer staple worn with gladiators. Two-tone dresses are also a great option for you as they will give you instant balance to the body by highlighting your waist.

If you want even more of a boost use gel shapers in your bra to give you more volume, boost or definition depending on the top you are wearing. My Style Companion provides expert style and fashion advice for women who want to know what to wear and practical training and home learning for those who want to become an Image Consultant and start their own business.

Use frills, ruffles and patterns up top to create the illusion of a bust and waist.

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LENGTH MATTERS Tall women often have more of a problem getting clothes to fit in terms of length and were as us shorties can take things to the tailors to get a few inches of fabric cut off, tall women have to find the extra length from somewhere and this can be tricky!

Try on as many trousers in as many stores as you can to find which fit your length the best as brands will differ in terms of how much extra length they offer.

As long as they fit well everywhere else, length can always be shortened. It is always better to buy longer and then get them adjusted rather than spending hours and hours trying to find the perfect fit.

Wear with a looser chiffon vest that falls just on or below the waist to create a modern look. Team with softer tops in chiffons and silks that fit loosely and finish off with some bangles and a statement necklace to add points of interest around the body and create the illusion of more curves.

Also a nice high waisted flared trouser looks elegant and chic on tall women with a small heel, with a blouse or tee tucked in to the waistband. Pegs are a great work wear update whilst harems are more dressy for evening wear with chunky strappy heels.

Use statement necklaces to break up the length of your long torso and create more interest in your outfits. I on the other hand would love not to have to rely on heel s and platforms to make me look taller however that is my lot and I make the most of it, and that is what I would suggest to all women who think the grass is always greener!Calling all tall women!

Use these styling tips to look and feel your best in everything you wear. We searched the market and asked the experts—here are the best jeans for tall women.

A Guide to the Best Jeans for Tall Women Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Brand Is Stepping Into the Fashion. Tall ladies, rejoice! Discover New York & Company's line of gorgeous clothes for tall women, including everything from dresses to jeans, tops and more. The best silhouettes to wear and clothing brands to try if you're a tall woman.

Things are looking up in the world of fashion. Meet five women 5'10" and taller who love every inch of themselves and dress with incredible confidence. 21 Very Necessary Style Tips For Tall Girls For all you tall, gorgeous drinks of water.

Style for tall women
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