The internet has caused more harm

Although it will cause harm to them but in general, as they plan themselves well they still can benefit from the internet by getting the extra information out of the classroom. Many of the activities blamed on computers, such aspornography or sexual predation, occurred long before computersdid.

However, internet can also cause harm, as the students will be affected with their studies if they are being attached to the internet rather than doing homework. Furthermore, many people keep up their social contacts online. The more time you spend on the Internet viewing educational and entertaining websites, the more liable you are to increase your overall intelligence, much like reading a book.

You would only be able to do this if you were of means or had financial backing. Many people hide behind profiles they have made up. It is all down to personal opinion. In effect, it was a thinking stopper.

A truly intellectual piece should by its nature not appeal to a larger audience. And people who read the news online are not that easy to fool. According to a newspaper article,"In a recent survey of young Internet users aged 10 to 17, one in five reported they had received unwanted sexual solicitations online, ranging from sexually suggestive comments to strangers asking them to meet them in the real world for sex.

We cannot say that it is science which has caused harm to us. Discuss the view that the internet can be more Harmful than helpful? With a basic internet connection that can be obtained for free or at trivial cost, you can use one of many online platforms such as WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook to publish ideas and thoughts.

Not everyone likes the same things and the more unusual your preferences, the harder it will be to find friends. User-generated content would fade. Third, the internet has allowed a large amount of criminal, offensive or discriminatory information to be accessed.

A witty tweet you publish right now can have replies coming in within seconds.

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There has also been an increase in electronic crimes due to science. One important thing I must state is that the quality of my life has not gone down because of these changes. You would gather enough funds to publish a pamphlet that you would distribute in social clubs or other gathering centers.

As the days go by, the Internet is in a constant expansion, much like the universe itself, as more and more information becomes available.

These kinds of actions is what can beharmful about a computer. The internet has allowed big companies to capture a lot of business online while smaller, local comp The internet gives millions of people access to information they would not otherwise have had, which is a huge benefit.

I uninstalled apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail. Pro i am strongly agree that the Internet has caused more harm than good. Personal information can be looked into and copied for illegal purposes.The internet has solved the cost barrier to idea distribution where a larger percentage of the population can share ideas that has the potential to reach people throughout the world.

This ability, upon closer inspection, is actually causing us harm. Dec 01,  · im going to say that yes the internet in some ways has caused more harm then good, look at google earth it is practically a stalkers guide and facebook can be a big issue as well as stupid.

candyMandy · 8 years agoStatus: Resolved. But the following reasons show the arguments that the use of the internet brings more harm than good. First, the quality of information online cannot always be relied upon. The information has not gone through the same checks as the newspaper articles, books or factual television programming.

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Has the Internet caused more harm than good? (David) Nowadays, Internet is one important part of our daily life. We cannot live in a modern life without it. It helps us to search for information, communicate with other people or even give relaxation to us. Therefore, Internet will have good influences on the people.

Internet is the platforms. However, internet can also cause harm, as the students will be affected with their studies if they are being attached to the internet rather than doing homework. The teachers will also have a hard time teaching them if they only.

The internet has caused more harm
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