The life of billy the kid

He also earned money as a ranch hand, gambler, horse thief, and outlaw. In early April the family arrived in the crowded city and were lucky to acquire a cabin in the quickly growing town. To make matters worse, her husband seemed to have deserted his family when they needed him the most and took to the hills for prospecting.

He then met up with a horse thief name John Mackie who taught him the tricks of the trade and the two became partners. He was a well-behaved student in school and liked to read. Although five other deaths are associated with his name, Billy the Kid was merely part of the group that killed them, though the bullets from his gun may not have been the killing shots.

Pick up a Roosevelt T-shirt and show us your random acts of superheroism. After the wedding, the family headed south to Silver City in Grant County. Ina central Texas man Ollie P. Jack has skinned out. Sheriff Pat Garrett soon took the Kid into custody.

A judge told Billy that "You are sentenced to be hanged by the neck until you are dead, dead, dead! Bonney waited at the upstairs window for Olinger to respond to the gunshot that killed Bell and called out to him, "Look up, old boy, and see what you get".

Billy the Kid

The colonel came with troops along with a Howitzer and Gatling gun. Although Billy the Kid was one of many who fought and killed during the LCW, he was the only one that faced conviction and was sentence to death.

Garrett refused to surrender the prisoner, and a tense confrontation ensued until he agreed to let the sheriff and two other men accompany the party to Santa Fe, where they would petition the governor to release Rudabaugh to them.

After some name-calling, Cahill rushed the Kid and slammed him down on the ground, then jumped on top of him and proceeded to slap him in the face. Some of these children, young infants to age 15, were orphans. Even his enemies admitted he had good qualities. Not only his childhood friends, but also folks he would meet later in life, all agreed he was an easygoing, lighthearted fellow, loyal, courteous, and brave almost to the point of recklessness.

Grant handed it over.William H. Bonny is actually another alias of Billy the Kid, used during the height of his notoriety, but it is not generally considered his real name. Throughout his life, several different names were associated with this 19th century outlaw and gunman, including: William Henry McCarty, Jr.

Billy the Kid Biography

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bell Boze, Bob The Illustrated Life and Times of Billy the Kid Second Edition, Tri Star-B Productions, Inc. Nolan, Frederick The West of Billy the Kid University of Oklahoma Press, Norman Nolan, Frederick Pat Garrett’s The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid, an annotated edition with notes and commentary by Frederick.

Rensselaers, Hamiltons, Stanleys, Turners, Montagus and curious that Mark Twain was born in Hannibal, Missouri, while some claim Billy the Kid was also from Missouri. Billy the Kid (born Henry McCarty September 17 or November 23, – July 14,also known as William H. Bonney) was an American Old West outlaw and gunfighter who killed eight men before he was shot and killed at age He took part in New Mexico's Lincoln County War, during which he allegedly took part in three murders.

McCarty was orphaned at age You see, Billy the Kid (the famous gunfighter and co-author of Bill and Ted's history report) and his gang the Regulators had a warrant for Roberts' arrest, implicating him in the murder of a rancher named John Tunstall, whom Billy used to work for.

Billy the Kid: A Short and Violent Life [Robert M. Utley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Whatever his name or alias at the moment—Henry McCarty, Henry Antrim, Kid Antrim, Billy Bonney—people always called him the Kid. Not until his final month did anyone call him Billy the Kid.

Newspapers pictured him as a king of outlaws; and his highly publicized capture.

The life of billy the kid
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